2019 CSR Report

Growing up means taking on more responsibility towards the people who share this journey with us and for the environment around us


Our commitment to the future

In 2018, we decided to begin growing our commitment to the world around us: our local area, the environment and society are three areas where we know we can play an active and proactive role and even—why not?—set an example. In 2019, one of our goals was to keep the promises made in previous years while also adding new, increasingly effective and sustainable activities, ones that also aim to increase awareness and accountability.

Organizational well-being

Smart working and flexible working hours are two well-established benefits at our company. 100% of our employees use these to improve their work-life balance. It is in part because of how we listen to our staff’s needs that we are a company certified by Great Place to Work for the third year in a row.

Training and education in schools

We believe in work-study programs, which is why, once again in 2019, we taught lessons at the Reggio Emilia ISS Pascal high school, as well as playing host to 3 high school students to help guide them in their future decisions regarding career and university.

Culture and theater

We continue our ongoing support for the theater season at the Asioli Theater in Correggio. Once again in 2019 we offered our employees and their companions the chance to attend performances with a 50% discount on the ticket price.


For Christmas this year we chose to participate in the food drive organized by the DORA association of Reggio Emilia and the Banco Alimentare (Food Bank) of Milan, collecting over 500 products. In collaboration with Treedom, we also gave every Webranker the gift of a tree and provided support for Reggio Terzo Mondo with a three-year education project in Madagascar.


We periodically put up for sale items that the company is otherwise not using, thus raising funds that, in 2019, we decided to donate to MareVivo, an association that protects our seas, with a special focus on the elimination of plastics.


We were a sponsor of Reggio Emilia “Startup Weekend,” the event which kicked off the Technical Culture Festival and its program of seminars and workshops focused on promoting technical and scientific education and raising awareness and appreciation for the “art of know-how.”


Our contribution

Investments in research and development

Investments in research and development are essential for us and have always been a part of our work: They help us to improve the quality and scope of the services we offer our customers. In 2019, we invested over 400 thousand euros in big data, automation and management projects.

Digital Marketing University

September 2019 saw the launch of the first graduate degree course in Digital Marketing at UniMoRe (the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), of which we are a sponsor and partner. 80 students enrolled in the first year; we will teach 4 classes over the course of the program’s three years. We also serve as professors at Unicatt (Università Cattolica) and at BBS and are partners in the Master’s in Data Science program at UPA.

Certifications and awards

The Financial Times, Inc. 5000 and Statista all nominated us among 2019’s Fastest Growing Companies, as one of the European and Italian companies with the fastest growth rates. These accolades can be added to the list of recognitions received as a result of our projects for customers, which include the Effie Award, during its first Italian edition.


One small change can have a huge impact on the whole planet

An eco-sustainable workplace

In addition to our HQ, our new Reggio Emilia location, which had its grand opening in 2019, is also in environmental Class A, with systems that benefit from the installation of the building’s solar collectors and solar panels; it also has a centralized HVAC system.

Reducing single-use plastics

We have respected the commitment we made in 2018: We have eliminated plastic cups by distributing insulated water bottles and ceramic mugs to all of our employees; we have installed water dispensers at all of our locations and replaced all of our paper with recycled paper.


We are engaged participants in our area’s local initiatives. In particular, we were active in the 2019 Researchers’ Night, hosting workshops and labs along with the other companies that have chosen to locate their offices within the Reggio Emilia Innovation Park.

“Growth also means taking on responsibilities that go beyond a company’s walls. We must all be attentive to the communities in which we live, while not losing sight of the world as a whole. This is an awareness that we share with every Webranker who has contributed to making so many of these initiatives possible—at times by proposing them—giving them greater power and meaning.”

Nereo Sciutto, CEO of Webranking