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Competitor Scouting

Discover who competes online for your same keywords

Every brand or website competes against a multitude of other sites for visibility in search engine results. Knowing who is competing with you for specific keyword clusters (brand, information or product category keywords, transactional or reputation keywords, etc.) allows you to orient your SEO-strategy and content production to the best advantage.

Careful data management, to safeguard your trustworthiness

Using a combination of different machine learning algorithms (Random Forest, Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machine, K-means, DBSCAN), Competitor Scouting is able to analyze large volumes of searches, identify all of the sites that emerge in the results and cluster them according to keyword groups, associating each site with an appropriate visibility index. The tool works on all of the major search engines and in all markets.

Identify your competitors

Analyze related searches

Extract business insights

An analysis that serves to position your business or product correctly

The benefit of monitoring for emerging businesses

Using our tools to assist them, our SEO specialists can constantly monitor the competitor landscape on search engines the world over, discovering opportunities for growth invisible to the human eye and protecting the visibility you’ve acquired.

An example of how this has been applied in the fashion world

In the Fashion & Luxury market, it is important to constantly monitor brand-related searches to make sure that your valuable visibility is not being exploited by fake sites or unauthorized resellers. With Competitor Scouting, monitoring is going on in real time, all over the world, all the time.