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Customer Value Predictor

Analyze your customers’ potential value in order to guide the growth of your brand

Not all customers are the same. They have different tastes, needs and degrees of knowledge about your brand. Using our technological skills, we can analyze the behavior of users inside your digital store and predict which of your customers will have the greatest lifetime value. Personalized communication is much more difficult when you are online and scaling to handle volume.

The value of long-term profitability

Using techniques of statistics and machine learning, we have analyzed data from both the digital and offline spheres, combining them to obtain a complete picture of user behavior. The tool also allows you to create clusters of customers that are similar due to their degree of importance, the categories of products they are most interested in, how they react to special offers, etc., and to create audiences composed of similar users for direct campaigns, for the call center, for ad campaigns, etc.

Lifetime value analysis, to learn which customers will be the most loyal

The importance of the value of profitability for marketing activities

The possibility to adopt targeted bidding strategies that take into account the lifetime value calculated

A tool that can figure out which customers are your most loyal

From an analysis of lifetime value to focused targeting campaigns

The tool begins by analyzing CRM data, which contains information about the purchases made by users. The goal is to put them into clusters and generate, for each of those clusters, what we call “lifetime value,” in other words, a value that serves as a gauge for measuring foreseeable profits.
The tool makes it possible to associate users from these clusters with corresponding online users of the website, to create and engage real audiences.
With these audiences available on marketing platforms, it will thus be possible to adopt specific bidding strategies that take into consideration the lifetime value calculated by the tool.