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Data Archive

At the heart of every data-driven strategy

The number of data sources is growing, and it is increasingly difficult to have accessible, explorable data all in one place. Our goal is to centralize all of the information about users, products, warehouses, sales, advertising campaigns and more. Offline and online, this is essential for complete data control.

Maximum customization and flexibility

Thanks to our Google Cloud expertise, we have been able to construct processes and tools to facilitate the collection and transformation of data, the integration of heterogeneous sources and the management of information, so that these are optimized for the other tools from our suite or from the campaigns’ management platforms.

Accessible data, in one place

Tailored solutions based on data sources

From data to insights

A tool that can be entirely tailored to meet your needs

From analysis to insights

Data Archive is what enables us to create advanced and data-driven marketing actions and strategies, making the most of technology in the cloud. Indeed, through machine learning, this tool makes it possible to receive variegated and scalable data and make it easily accessible for reporting and for use.