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A bespoke training course

If you are to have complete control over your ad planning and buying activities, you must know and understand the ways in which it is possible to use the tools in the Google stack.
We put our expertise at your disposal, providing you with the training you need to become more independent in your management of the Google Marketing Platform environment and to make an informed choice about the agency to which to entrust your business.

Our courses are intended for managers and teams, from large companies and from companies who wish to get to know all of the products in the Google stack, which cover all of the key actions for the process of building up their businesses.

From theory to practice

we follow you along each step of the way as you gain greater confidence with the stack, while always being able to count on the help of professionals

Reading and understanding the entire Google stack

Thanks to practical training, you will learn how to read and interpret the Google stack dashboards, gaining understanding of the principles of programmatic advertising, ad planning and analytics tracking.

Choose the course best suited to your needs

You can choose between basic courses, with more theory-based knowledge to help you better understand the different marketing vehicles and their specific characteristics, or more advanced courses, for those who already have some skills and wish to gain more independence in the management of their platforms.


Why choose the Google Marketing Platform?

The Google Marketing Platform offers advanced solutions and a complete set of options for advertising and data analysis.The products that comprise the suite are:

Display & Video 360 is the GMP Demand-Side Platform, offering a centralized approach to managing advertising investments.

Campaign Manager simplifies the organization of ad campaigns, from planning to final reports.

With Search Ads 360, you can manage multiple digital campaigns on one platform, with complete purchasing, reporting and multi-channel attribution functions.

Data Studio is the data visualization and reporting tool that integrates with other products on the platform and other non-Google data sources.

Analytics 360 allows you to analyze and make sense of users’ online behavior using just one interface that features a collection of continuously-updated data

Tag Manager allows you to easily implement tracking codes and measure conversions without having to rely on the IT team.

Optimize 360 allows you to offer customized experiences to different groups of users to see which version performs best.

Studio allows you to design advanced types of creatives, such as rich media and dynamic creatives. The fact that it is directly linked to Campaign Manager makes it simpler to synchronize campaigns.