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KPI Monitor

A control panel for your digital data

Numerous platforms, an equal number of walled gardens. Visualizing overall performance is an ever-more-difficult puzzle to piece together. What if you only need an analysis based on macro-geographic areas, or if you want to compare these for a given time period (How did the EMEA do compared to the APAC region this year? What has growth been in the Nordic countries since the latest campaign launch?); the puzzle becomes a patchwork of immense Excel sheets, with all the consequent risks of error and difficulties in reading and interpretation. That is why we have designed one single panel to visualize all of this data.

Automatic integration of data from different sources

Our KPI Monitor brings together data sets automatically (or, if indispensable, via manual import) from different platforms and establishes dialog between them using unique transfer keys. It provides a visualization dashboard that is 100% configurable and can be fed into any external data visualization tool using an API.

Differentdata sources

Automatic integration

Simple and smooth reading

Data that is accurate and reliable, because it is not subject to sampling

Data transparency and continuity, regardless of your choices

Thanks to our KPI Monitor, we can automate reporting, establish dialog between data sets from different platforms and extract more accurate insights. We can also guarantee that your historic data is maintained if you change analytics platforms, all with a minimal risk of error thanks to a high degree of automation.