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Media Spending Monitor

A single platform for all your investments

How to assess how much different advertising platforms contribute to your campaigns’ performance? How to get a rapid visual comparison of different attribution models? Using the Media Spending Monitor, we can visualize and aggregate dozens of digital advertising platforms—from searches, to social media, to newsletters—and calculate the profitability of each specific campaign as part of an ongoing planning process.

Maximum customization and flexibility

The Media Spending Monitor brings together ad server performance data and spending data from each individual advertising platform using a single cloud-based tool. Via API or custom import, it is possible to gather together the basic information from all marketing vehicles and visualize their individual contributions to performance according to different attribution models. Some of the advertising platforms whose data we can display include: Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, SearchAds360, DisplayVideo360, Yahoo JP, Baidu, and Yandex.



Budget Monitoring& Alerting

A tool that can be entirely tailored to meet your needs

Choose how to visualize your spending

Thanks to detailed campaign tagging, you’ll be able to conduct an in-depth assessment of each individual activity, campaign, marketing vehicle and format and to draw up an effective comparison using different attribution models to effectively assess your digital investment.