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Purchase Predictor

Predicting new customers’ future value

Thanks to technology and first-party data, we can predict a new user’s purchase with a certain degree of reliability. Using machine learning, we can benefit from models that, with a fair amount of accuracy, can predict how probable it is that a lead will become a conversion.

Artificial Intelligence predictive models

Bringing together first party data, CRM data and data from advertising platforms, the Purchase Predictor applies AI predictive models and machine learning to look for correlations with sales data.

Selection of features for the application of AI predictive models

Use of machine learning and first party data

Optimization of advertising budgets

A tool capable of predicting a new user’s purchase on your e-commerce site

From analysis to focused targeting campaigns

On large-volume e-commerce sites, this tool makes it possible to identify clusters of users who are more likely to make a purchase, to estimate future sales volumes and to orient your business decisions to the best advantage.
As a matter of fact, we can increase advertising investment in the users who are more likely to make a purchase and, likewise, reduce investment in those less likely to do so, creating specific user audiences.