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Sentiment Monitor

Transform the chatter from call centers, chats, emails and social media into useful information, in real time.

Being aware of user sentiment about a brand, a specific topic or a certain type of product, thanks to a real-time analysis of conversations on social media, is indispensable when it comes to orienting product strategies, marketing and customer care.

Use machine learning to assemble large amounts of data

Thanks to the advanced use of machine learning algorithms, we have been able to automate the procedure to make it possible to analyze large amounts of data from both online channels—social media and the Internet—and offline channels, like conversations from call centers. In this case, the tool translates into text both conversations from call centers and content from chats and social media and, using artificial neural networks, analyzes the collected content, groups it into homogeneous clusters and associates each with a corresponding sentiment.

Customer service assessment


User Response Analysis

Get to know the sentiment of your products with the help of complex algorithms

Listen to, interpret and classify your users’ emotions

Knowing and monitoring the sentiment of your products or services allows you to optimize your relationship with your customer base and build tailored marketing strategies specific to their needs or in response to their emotions.
Taking as an example a tourist destination, it is possible to monitor Instagram and Facebook users’ opinions and actual emotions about it (happiness, anger, surprise, etc.), so as to understand if that destination should be deemed more or less attractive in the short or medium term and if, as a consequence, you should adjust your business decisions.