Project Description

Discover how Allianz increased  data collection accuracy thanks to our Web Analytics team


Allianz SE, (formerly AG) is a financial services company based in Munich, Germany. Allianz chose Webranking to fully understand where quotation requests were arriving from and to help select a single platform able to integrate CRM data with Web Analytics.

Services offered:

  • GA 360


We suggested Allianz to use Google Analytics 360 as a Big Data collecting platform because it’s ideal for exporting data in APIs and collecting accurate, unique data while targeting the user.

The Digital Measurement strategy we implemented has enabled Allianz to better respond to business requirements in terms of:

Maximum accuracy of the amount of Allianz1 and Fastquote leads
Categorizing traffic among the websites of their network
Maximum detail from traffic, advertising and organic sources


Thanks to our setup, it was possible to synthesize the information and integrate online data with that of offline.

The quotation requests were uniquely identified then allocated to web quotations, the internal training systems, and to the policies sold in the agency.

By properly tracking the internal CRM and Web Analytics data, we calculated the actual ROI of the campaigns, managing to lower the difference in data, due to some fine-tuning from 33% to 5%.

5% Deviation of post-implementation data