Project Description

A drive-to-store strategy


IKEA selected Webranking to optimize their online presence, increase e-commerce sales from the Italian website and increase foot traffic at physical locations.

Services offered:

  • PPC

  • SEO


Our strategy for IKEA centered around enhancing the user experience and improving the overall digital presence of the brand, starting from search engines.
Optimization of the Italian IKEA website allowed us to expand the customer base.
We implemented an online drive-to-store strategy involving both organic and sponsored channels, with the aim to increase e-commerce sales and foot traffic inside IKEA’s stores.

IKEA’s two main objectives were given their respective strategies:

-to increase e-commerce sales, SEO was used to improve IKEA pages’ positioning within search engines and targeted more competitive keywords. For the SEM strategy, campaigns were segmented by various products from IKEA’s catalog which generated extremely effective bids.

-to increase foot traffic to physical stores, our drive-to-store strategy was assured as it was the first time ever in Italy that “Google In-Store Visits” was implemented, allowing us to measure the effectiveness of online advertising in bringing users into IKEA stores.


Thanks to our SEO and SEM strategies, IKEA increased revenues and RoAS of e-commerce sales from the Italian website and foot traffic to physical stores.

With these implementations, IKEA reached their global goal of improving the digital presence of the brand.

1,192% Return on Ad Sales (RoAS)

270% in revenues from PLA campaigns YoY

>3 ml visitors at IKEA stores