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Customised training

In a constantly evolving sector like digital, training is essential for an understanding of its workings and potential.
We believe strongly in the importance of training, be it for colleagues, clients or students with an interest in this subject.
For this reason, we decided to create a number of modules and training types that can be adapted to different situations: from collaboration with universities to structured training plans for our customers, from face-to-face workshops to an e-learning platform available for anyone wishing to improve their skills.
Depending on your objectives, we will customise your training in terms of content, means of delivery and type of project.


Types of training projects

Service Design

An activity created and developed together with the customer with the aim of designing or improving products and services, refuting hypotheses, understanding how to offer customers ever-improved experiences.

Digital day

A day comprising a number of initiatives to help gain an overview of the opportunities in a given sector or to provide more detail about a specific topic. Thanks to our contacts in the industry, in fact, we are in a position to invite guests, tech or media partners to share their viewpoints on specific issues.

Training courses

More traditional training modules, which can be organized either in-person or remotely, with the aim of sharing basic working skills for the digital environment.


2-3 hour interactive workshops, in collaboration with Google and other players, with a view to analysing current issues whilst contextualizing them for the customer’s actual situation.

And on-demand training

On-demand training is ideal for sharing know-how and for asynchronously transferring essential skills when hiring new collaborators.
In this case, we recommend Upskill, our e-learning platform for companies and professionals who want to understand and exploit the growth opportunities offered by digital marketing.
The platform already contains 7 courses, all in Italian, designed to make you autonomous in the use of the tools illustrated: each lesson has a strong practical element which, combined with analysis of real case studies, will help you to fully understand the subject matter.

Practical Approach

Italian Courses

Participation Certificate


Upskill for Webrankers

An exclusive version of the Upskill platform is also available for all Webrankers. With over 21 training courses, it allows them to develop their skills at any time and to grow professionally.

Certified teachers

The teachers on the training activities we follow are also Webranking consultants who interact with customers and partners on a daily basis to meet their business needs. We are very familiar with the challenges of the market but we want to continuously increase our skills.
This can be seen from our numerous certifications, which enable us, year after year, to stay up to date with the latest technological developments as regards the tools and trends of Digital Marketing.

Boost Your Digital Knowledge