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The importance of the technical review

The presence of quality content on a site is crucial, but it is not sufficient for achieving complete optimization in terms of SEO: technical measures and corrections can make all the difference, correcting errors that prevent proper page scanning and indexing by search engines or that keep users from accessing the content.

The goal of performance

A site can be said to perform well when it offers relevant content and unimpeded navigation. That is why an in-depth assessment is the first step towards identifying and solving the problems that can harm a website.

Design an SEO-friendly site for users and search engines, respecting technical and structural prerequisites

Offer a superior UX by maximizing your site’s performance for users and bots

Strengthen your site's architecture by designing pages and content that are interesting to your users

What we do

Thanks to our use of state-of-the-art SEO tools, our assessments are able to bring to light different types of pertinent problems:
  • crawlability – the site must be easy for the main search engine web crawlers to navigate
  • indexability – the content must be indexed by search engines
  • architecture – the structure of the site, the sections that comprise it, as well as its internal links must be easy for both users and search engines to navigate
  • server errors or scanning issues – page 404s and status code 500s are very common, but they can create problems if not correctly managed
  • international targeting – multilingual or multimarket sites must be optimized for the users’ markets of reference
  • content – duplicate content and proper keyword use are essential topics that merit in-depth analysis in order to optimize the differentiating element of any website
  • page lifecycle – the issue of out-of-stock product management deserves special attention, in order to prevent out-of-date content from being offered
  • performance – a website’s loading times are strongly related to its conversion rates, and deserve special attention, most importantly in terms of user experience
  • store locater – essential for creating a bridge between website and points of sale, to facilitate the customer journey
  • migration – one of the most delicate activities for a website is migration, which, if underestimated, can lead to enormous losses in visibility, traffic and conversion
  • backlink assessment – the links a site receives determine its authority in the eyes of search engines and, as a result, deserve special attention

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