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Programmatic advertising

Technology in action

We use the primary DSPs, including Google Display & Video 360° and Amazon DSP, to plan with the greatest effectiveness. We optimize performance through bidding analysis, audience use and every buying tool, from open action to programmatic direct, establishing budget levels for each individual marketing vehicle, as well as a planning schedule.
Our advertising strategies are a perfect mix of performance and branding that is centered around users and their needs.

A new way to advertise

Programmatic buying allows us to plan out advertising using algorithms and machines and based on the data we have at our disposal. It is a different way to acquire advertising spaces where, essentially, a program permits us to compete for visibility and attention from every individual at a precise point in their decision-making process.



Access to beta versions

We use personalized planning to follow the user along every step of the conversion funnel

Technologies and machine learning

Programmatic planning requires synergy between DSPs and DMPs. Our experience in analytics enables us to analyze the data collected throughout the customer journey, to guide not only the purchase of a specific marketing vehicle but also to create synergy between tools.

Thanks to our strong tech component, we are able to manage the implementation of state-of-the-art tracking, opening up integration scenarios that are incredibly useful for interpreting and displaying results. We have created proprietary dashboards which extend the proprietary tools of different marketing vehicles and DSPs, allowing us to easily measure and compare heterogeneous performance situations.

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Get ready to move towards your own in-house planning

We have been awarded the highest commendation Google offers, as its sales partner for the entire Google Marketing Platform stack for the whole EMEA geographic area. As GMP Sales Partner, we can offer you the technology and training necessary to progressively build your company’s own in-house media team.

Our partnership

Thanks to the skills we’ve acquired in the field, we are specialized on every advertising platform. Thus are we able to help your company to reach the goals it has set for itself, using different marketing vehicles and platforms synergistically and maximizing your budget.


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