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Content Strategy

From essence to message

The first aim of content strategy is understanding the essence of your business: from its identity to its objectives. We do this through an in-depth
assessment of your brand, both from the inside and in relation to the market to which it belongs.

It is during this phase that your distinctive features emerge, those unique traits that allow us to build the story of your brand and tell it to an audience that wants to hear it. Content is therefore the foundation of a strategy that aims to attract users and convert them
into loyal customers.

From message to strategic plan

Once the message has been finalized, it is presented across all touchpoints—from the website to social media platforms, from newsletters to ads—necessary to reach the target audience and respond to their needs.
The strategy takes concrete form as an integrated and multichannel editorial plan that determines operational rhythms and strengthens the synergy between our team and your brand.

We build cross-channel strategies

We define your brand’s Tone of Voice

We build your Digital Personas

Proto, User... Personas

Understand your target and you will find yourself. Starting from a complete assessment, based on data such as CRM analyses, interviews, surveys, and navigation intent, we will be able to create a persona profile that is as representative of reality as it
is possible to be.

Tone of Voice

Outlaw, jester, ruler or sage? To find the right communication style, you have to figure out on which archetype to base yourself. Using a co-design approach, we’ll learn together how best to construct your brand’s tone of voice.

Daimon is our Brand Experience Studio

Born of a solid foundation of technical thinking, Daimon transforms data into creativity and combines imagination with technical expertise. A new type of creative agency focused on dynamic formats and on creatives that are ideally suited for social media platforms.

A few of our completed projects

BPER Banca Digital Reinassance

The new corporate website

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Christmas campaign and rebranding

Don't black out the future

The campaign against the Black Friday rush to buy

BPER: Banca

In just one quarter + 246% of leads generated by the organic channel