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The development of the corporate site




SEO, Content Marketing, UX Design




Customers are at the center of the digital revolution undertaken by BPER Banca: this is why the project aimed to improve user navigation and the findability of information within the site, with the focus on enhancing customer assistance.

New UI of the corporate site

Users at the heart of the strategy

Simplicity in finding information

Bper.it is the first chapter of a broader project of digital evolution that will also involve Internet Banking and App


Together with BPER Banca, we launched a Research and User Test project to improve the navigation and findability of information on the site, with the focus on enhancing customer assistance. Thanks to specific interventions on the User Interface, the graphical interface of the site today is renewed both functionality and interactivity in order to facilitate immediacy in the search for information.

The analyses undertaken of the synergy between Webranking’s SEO, Content and UX teams focused on the needs of users, with particular attention also being paid to optimizing information on the mobile version of the site, carefully reorganizing the highlighted content, marked by a color palette that makes reading much easier.