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Marketing Automation

Tailor your communication

We like speaking in the singular. We like to come up with communication that is distinct for every user who comes into contact your brand.
Marketing Automation allows us to reduce the barriers created by mass communication in favor of tailored language based on each user’s data and digital or physical behavior.

The Cross-Channel Customer Journey

Understanding how a user’s journeys unfolds as they come into contact with the brand is the first step towards tailored communication. By studying the target and analyzing user behavior data, we are able to create cross-channel journeys that allow us to lay a foundation on which to build navigation flows.




All part of efficient platform

Sync. for data collection

In order to have a tailored communication strategy, it is essential to be able to correctly read and collect data. We create the right connections between site, CRM and sending platform, in order to organize the upstream data collection needed to perfect your message.

Creating flows

Once we have mapped out the customer journey, we go on to determine the triggers, messages and channels to include: email, text message, push notifications, pop-ups or dynamic website elements.
Based on your objectives—be they loyalty or conversion—we will organize the flow of automation that can best satisfy your needs.

More than strategy

We also create elements well-suited to
different adaptations of your strategy, with copy and layouts designed with the distinctive features of each channel and the brand’s specific characteristics in mind.
We focus on the subject lines of emails, to incentivize recipients to
open them, push notifications that entice people to tap, and pop-ups
that lead to conversions.


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