Internships and Training Courses

We have created an environment where you can go digital as a protagonist, without wasting time. You will be supported by a tutor, included in a work team and have the chance to learn your first profession.

Hit the ground running

Whether you are still at university or have already graduated, our training and integration courses are designed for you. We want to invest in tomorrow's colleagues.

Tools and skills

We start from the skills you have already acquired and give you a personalised path to integrate them into the services we offer.

Participate in real projects

“On-the-job training” means that you can learn from real cases right away, working with project teams on customers.

4 locations to choose from

Our HQ in Correggio (RE) with swimming pool and gym, the large headquarters in Milan in front of the Central Station, Reggio Emilia at the Innovation Park and the Cagliari campus.

We invest in everyone's career

You will always use the most innovative technologies

If there is anything that can improve our work, be sure we are already using it or testing it out. We believe in technologies that enable you, make things work faster and free up time so you can apply your mind to the tasks that need it most.
You can test new tools or bring ideas and proposals to the team yourself. We have created an environment where anyone can contribute.

You will learn from professionals

You will be collaborating with professionals working on some of the most interesting and complex digital marketing projects in Italy.
But they are, first and foremost, people with a stake in your growth, people who want to help you rapidly become a new colleague able to assist in addressing the challenges ahead.
We want you to succeed.
Our environment is very safe, inclusive and friendly. You’ll see!

Multiple career paths: our range is vast, from tech to marketing

We have professionals in everything from advertising communication to marketing technology. Some internal, others working with customers.
For example, one of the divisions is Martech and includes positions such as Data Engineer, Innovation Specialist, Digital Tech Analyst, and Web Developer; all of these use technologies that help them in their work.
The thing that matters is that your path is not fixed: you can start out and discover later on what your next profession will be.

University and Business School Lecturers

We are at the forefront of training the next digital generations, for instance at Bologna Business School (BBS), Università Cattolica and Unimore, and we collaborate with the main associations of our sector such as UNA and UPA. We want to contribute to the digital transformation in Italy by passing on to others what we have learned.
And as soon as may be, you, too, could be the one to take on the challenge and teach others the knowledge you have garnered.

Directly, in our own words

Companies are not real, the people who form them are (cit.).
To understand Webranking, look at some of the people who are part of it.
Here are some of their stories for you.

Let's start!

Job opportunities

As the company grows, so do the opportunities

Our culture

Discover our philosophy!