Our tools

We created advanced technological solutions to improve the analysis, organization and activation of the data we collect for ourselves and for our customers.


Data Kojak

Manage and control your online tracking to preserve the quality of your data.

Competitor Scouting

Discover who your competitors are by analyzing search pages and keywords relevant to your business.

Media Spending Monitor

Monitor the budget invested in your advertising campaigns on a single platform.

KPI Monitor

Monitor your KPIs with the help of an aggregator that simplifies the reading of Google Analytics and SEO performance data.

Trend Monitor

Stay up-to-date on user search volumes and on rises and falls in searches related to hot topics for your business.

Sentiment Monitor

Monitor calls and messages to your customer center to better understand user sentiment.

Customer Value Predictor

Understand which customers will have greater lifetime value and will be most faithful to your brand.

Purchase Predictor

Use machine learning and first party data to help predict which users are inclined to purchase your product.

Data Archive

Aggregate proprietary data from a variety of sources in one place, so as to launch well-grounded marketing actions.