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Trend Monitor

Investigate trends in online demand

The searches people perform on search engines reflect their needs, desires, requirements, interests, and the topics that pique their curiosity. Searches change, sometimes with the seasons, other times because of new fashions or a sudden upsurge of hype. An analysis of searches can offer interesting inspiration for content creation, for paid campaign optimization, and about how to structure your range of products and services.

Real-time verification

By gathering search volumes for principal keywords typed into Google and their trends over time, the Trend Monitor calculates indexes of seasonality (including aggregated by keyword cluster) and displays the categories of keywords that are rising and those that are falling over the period (with corresponding month-to-month rates).

The most-searched-for keywords

Analysis of rises and falls

Bespoke solutions

A clear and intuitive visualization using a world map

Direct control over the most high-interest countries

Thanks to Trend Monitor, you can learn about trends in your sector, monitor demand in your market (including by specific countries or geographic areas), explore the keywords being used and identify new upsurges of hype—all this with an intuitive tool that is always at your fingertips.

A case study for success in the travel industry

Working with Boscolo Tours, we were able to predict users’ interest in certain tourist destinations based on search volumes collected by Trend Monitor. As a result, the tour operator was able to develop a bespoke sales strategy with packages and special offers for the most sought-after destinations.