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Yandex Partner

Reaching Russia and its users

We are a partner and ambassador for Yandex, Russia’s most widely-used search engine. An audience of 100 million people to whom to offer your products and services.

Yandex reaches an audience larger than that of any Russian television channel. Yandex’s home page is the most visited webpage in Russia and provides users direct access to numerous services, such as email, news, traffic and weather reports.

Why Webranking?

We have been chosen by Yandex as their main partner and ambassador for the Italian market, thanks to our vast experience and recognizability.
Our specialists are Yandex.Experts, certified in the use of Yandex Direct, its ad campaign management platform. It is an auction based system that makes it possible to conduct search and display campaigns, offering huge opportunities to promote yourself in this market, as well, entering through the front door.

Not just Russia

We’re talking about Russian users.
Russia is an expanding market, and the web is the best channel for reaching 100 million potential customers.
Today there are more Internet users in Russian than in Germany, the largest European market.
Another important target is those Russians who live abroad or travel around the world for tourism or business.
Yandex is a door to the Russian community in Italy and to all those traveling in our country.