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Amazon Advertising

We construct your presence on the world’s most famous marketplace

We are always guided by data; we create customized solutions on one of the world’s most heavily-used platforms, to increase your sales and your visibility. We will be by your side, building a strong presence that works in harmony with your existing channels, without sacrificing your brand equity or reputation.
Whether you are already present on Amazon or have to start from zero, we can help you.

We manage international planning for EMEA and NorAm on Amazon

Why Amazon?

The real benefit of Amazon is the chance to really get to know its audiences. Amazon knows what its users are buying; it knows their habits, what they are most interested in based on what is going on in their lives and, most importantly, it has information about all of those users who are not yet e-commerce customers.
We set to work in those places where the platform does not allow for detailed customizations and work with you to create the most suitable strategy to meet your needs.


What we offer


Using keyword research based on your target, as well as benchmark analysis, we optimize your listing content


Sponsored ads allow us to guide the user towards your product pages, maximizing your sales


With display ads, we can programmatically reach audiences in target groups both on and off of the platform


We can expand and manage your campaigns in Europe and North America, with specialized consultants in every market.