CSR Report 2022

Caring for people, the environment around us, and the territory we live in.

Our company culture

“Over the years (fully 25 years, by now), we have created a strong culture, one which represents us and which is enriched every day by the contribution of those who work with us. This is a heritage of which we can rightly be proud and which we would very much like to see simply become one of the numerous aspects that distinguish our business system.”

We care

We have opted for an open welfare plan, so that each of us can apply the funds we make available to the expenses we choose to incur.

Voluntary projects

We offer the option of a full paid working day spent with an associations, allowing everyone to volunteer with the cause closest to their heart.


We have built an inclusive and equal corporate culture, through effective leadership, the sharing of significant values and relationships of mutual trust within the working environment.

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