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Audience Strategy & Personalization

We design the experience best suited for your audience

By analyzing the traffic coming to your digital properties (site and app), we identify the characteristics, whether socio-demographic or behavioral, that are most representative of your users.
Mixing both digital
contexts allows us to identify user clusters that are more receptive to certain digital marketing activities or that require a specifically targeted experience.

Different behavior at different times

Our behavior changes over time and based on the interactions generated between ourselves and brands. Identifying the most significant digital characteristics and placing them within a specific navigational experience allows us to be more efficient when planning our activities.

Actions and behavior

Specifically targeted messaging

Specific creatives

Understanding user behavior, so as to offer tailored experiences

Digital signals

Using qualitative and quantitative analyses, we are able to identify the best combinations of variables to directly influence conversions. Ours is an iterative approach that works across numerous interconnected aspects and identifies audience groups for specifically targeted ad campaigns, direct marketing, automation or on-site personalization.


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