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App Tracking Strategy

How do users behave when on my app?

App use is growing in frequency. It is therefore important to ask yourself the right questions about the use of your app. How many users have downloaded it? How many have uninstalled it? On average, how many times does each user open the app?

To answer these questions, you must be able to rely on a platform capable of analyzing data from apps and websites together on one dashboard.

From websites to apps

The range of tools that can accurately track app use is vast, but it is important to map out the best strategy and the best mix of tools to provide reporting that is as comprehensive and actionable as possible.

Cross-device and cross-channel models

Better tracking of user interactions

Optimization of mobile engagement

Mobile Adobe App

Adobe Analytics makes it possible to have a comprehensive analysis where apps are concerned. Among the benefits to take into consideration with this platform are its rapid launch, its capability to generate ready-to-use reports, the ability to determine a customized time-out for mobile
sessions and to identify high-value audiences.

Google Analytics 4

GA4 brings in a number of changes, such as the ability to visualize web and app traffic data in one place. A new data model on which to base decisions and the ease with which you can track users across multiple devices make Google Analytics 4 the future of app tracking.


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