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Adobe Analytics

A complete data analysis stack

Adobe Analytics Cloud represents the best option to accompany your business’s digital transformation, making it possible to collect and centralize every type of data you possess.
The objective is to create one unique profile for your customer and to create and activate the best audiences for your marketing strategies.

Enterprise analysis for strategic actionables

The entire Adobe ecosystem permits every tool to work in absolute synergy, achieving greater results in terms of efficiency and ROI.
Collecting data from every digital source will allow you to activate audiences of users towards A/B Testing (Adobe Target) and DMP (Adobe Audience Manager) platforms.

First-party data personalization

Thanks to machine learning, recommend the best audiences for whom to activate A/B testing

Advanced Attribution Models

Analytics, Audience and Target

We are partners with Adobe and experts at managing complex projects on their Analytics Cloud: Adobe Analytics, as well as Target, Audience Manager and Marketo. We manage numerous projects in international environments on extremely complex sites.


Our Case Studies

Replatforming Project

Replatforming 7 of the group’s sites in over 20 languages

A business intelligence platform

The meticulous integration of online/offline

The journey of digital transformation

Giunti Scuola’s digital transformation by bringing all their content onto one hub

Digital Transformation

The path of digitalization and integration of processes