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SEO Copywriting

We write copy for users and search engines

Content can be a strategic tool for reaching users through searches and bringing more traffic to a site. To fully harness this potential, you must create content aimed at both users and search engines.
In a context increasingly focused on user experience, it is crucial to understand the people behind the searches, what they are looking for online and how, in order to be able to offer them the content best able to meet their needs.

The user is central

Our SEO Copywriting services are not limited to optimizing the content’s structure; instead, they make the users, with their different search intentions and keywords of interest, the central focus. It is thus a strategic activity, carried out in synergy with our technical and search intelligence services, as well as with our creative and content marketing teams

Analyze user searches and learn how users can find your brand and your products

Create data-driven content that meets your users’ search needs

Optimize your content by analyzing your users’ search intentions

We will be your guides in perfecting your digital content

What we do

We provide SEO consulting and copywriting services to reach users through interesting, relevant and structurally optimized content, taking into account: page layout, length and format, text formatting, meta tags, legibility, search intention, keyword searches, image optimization and internal link optimization.


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