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Data-driven SEO

Search engine optimization for complex e-commerce platforms is one of our core businesses. Thanks to decades of experience in the sector, we have been able to help numerous brands, both Italian and international, to strengthen their digital stores’ online presence.
In our case studies we describe how, using a data-driven approach, we have been able to translate an SEO strategy into concrete results for our customers, creating customized strategies for numerous sectors: from fashion to large-scale distribution, from FMCG to travel, from B2B to beauty.

A long-term investment

Our job is to optimize the structure, content and technical aspects of complex e-commerce platforms, for large and international sites.

SEO is an investment that, over the long term, can make it easier for you to achieve your business objectives. If you are thinking about redesigning your e-commerce site, get us involved in the early stages of the project: Starting from an analysis of user searches, we will help you to create an e-commerce site that won’t require reworks after going live, to optimize resources and to manage migrations in the best possible fashion, thereby preventing loss of the traffic and positioning you’ve acquired.

Improve your e-commerce site's search engine visibility

Optimize UX on your e-commerce site by strengthening your structure, content and product catalog

Improve your conversion rate and maximize conversions from your e-commerce site

We offer consulting services for international SEO for multilingual or multimarket platforms, managing complex projects with global partners.

Content Management and e-commerce Systems

Over the years, we have acquired expertise on different CMSs and platforms, learning about their potential and their limits in order to design successful solutions.

A few of the platforms on which we have gained extensive experience are: Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware), Magento, Adobe Experience Manager, PrestaShop, Shopify, Drupal, Microsoft SharePoint, and Magnolia.

We also have considerable experience in the optimization of e-commerce sites developed using proprietary and custom platforms, thanks to the tailored nature of the SEO strategies we offer.


Innovation at the service of SEO

Thanks to the synergy between our Marketing Technology and Innovation departments, we have been able to design and develop several tools capable of strengthening, speeding up and automating our operation, ensuring that the services we provide are top quality.
Some of these are: Competitor Scouting, to monitor data from analyses of search engine results; a KPI Monitor, to automatically aggregate data from a variety of sources; and Trend Monitor, to monitor the search interests of your users at the global level.


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