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Crédit Agricole Vita and Assicurazioni

Designing a new user experience


Insurance, Finance


UX, SEO, Web Development, Digital Analytics




Create two sites, Crédit Agricole Vita and Crédit Agricole Assicurazioni, able to respond to the needs of insurance customers in a manner that is both simple and intuitive. Redesign the digital brand identity and re-platform the sites to turn Crédit Agricole’s Life and Insurance branches into genuine commercial hubs, capable of generating new business opportunities for the Group.

Mobile &
User First

Redesign digital brand identity


The current sites are now genuine hubs, capable of assisting the customer to select the most suitable product for their needs, offering them all the support they need.

Laura Brancaleoni, Marketing & Commercial Director of Crédit Agricole Vita and Crédit Agricole Assicurazioni


To increase lead acquisition through organic levers, and concentrating on UX activities, our consultancy focused on a revisiting the menu, which now consists of two main types of navigation – by product and by need – to better respond to the various search attempts of users. This logic is also maintained in the FAQ section of the sites, where the user has the choice of searching freely or using pre-identified topics in order to gain immediate access to the desired content.

The restructuring was achieved through the joint efforts of our UX, Content and SEO areas which, by means of research, user testing and collaboration with stakeholders, enabled us to amend content and structure to revisit the architecture of the information present on the two sites, Insurance and Life. The Web Development consultancy then focused on employing a user-friendly CMS that permitted centralised control of the two sites, increasing speed and scalability over time.


First prize of Interactive Key Awards

Crédit Agricole Vita and Crédit Agricole Assicurazioni redesign and replatformin project won the 23rd Interactive Key Awards (MediaKey group) in the category Finance, Insurance, Consulting and Research.