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Performance assessment

Do you have a high-performance site?

53% of users will leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. The quality of the user experience in terms of speed is essential to the success of any online platform.
Thanks to the synergy between our SEO and UX units, we can perform a technical assessment of the performance of sites that have been developed using any technology or platform.

A comprehensive assessment

The assessments we perform help us to identify the main problems in terms of load speed and the technical issues that undermine the user experience, whether linked to application or infrastructure. In addition to the standard metrics, we focus on Core Web Vitals to analyze your pages’ loading process, interactivity and visual stability.

Cross-area cooperation

Analysis of Core Web Vitals

Improved user experience

A high-performance site in terms of speed, stability and interactivity

We work with your ITdepartment

We work together with and alongside your IT department and developers to solve issues related to site speed and system integration platforms. What’s more, we can assist you in using site performance metrics monitoring platforms with alerting systems, not only for uptime but also for drops in performance in terms of speed.

Public Clouds and CDNs

Our expertise is not limited to software development, but extends to designing and maintaining hosting platforms and infrastructure created for a worldwide target, thanks to CDNs and the most modern public cloud technologies. Our solutions are designed to be easily and rapidly scalable, guaranteeing security and performance speed, even during peaks in traffic.


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