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Cookie Governance& GDPR

Security guarantee

Making your site trustworthy, compliant and always up-to-date in terms of cookie governance is no easy matter. We provide a scrupulous consulting service to guide you through the complicated world of cookies and data privacy. Our years of experience in multiple sectors and our ongoing professional updating provide the perfect mix to optimize your site’s data collection while guaranteeing your users an experience that is secure.

Why to choose us

With us, you will have not only a legal team to ask for advice and to help you evaluate the best solutions available on the market, but also a knowledgeable technical team to implement them.
At Webranking, we care very much about user privacy and have developed our own Cookie Consent Manager, which integrates perfectly with the principal Tag Management systems.

Legal support

Technical support

Customized solutions

From theory to practice, with comprehensive consulting

An in-depth knowledge of the tools

We perform a technical and in-depth analysis of your cookie situation in order to provide you with advice about the tools best suited to manage your needs. We handle the set-up of controls, to guarantee your users the best possible experience while fully respecting their privacy,
thanks to constant consultations with our internal legal team about changes to the law.

We have experience with all of the principal Cookie Consent Managers, like Cookiebot, OneTrust and Iubenda, such that we have created one of our own, which can best adapt to our customers’ needs.


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