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Automation flows, from creation to optimization

From ad campaign optimization, to predicting a customer’s purchases, to clustering user data: the applications of machine learning in marketing are increasingly numerous and diverse.
The automated machine learning techniques for AI are, however, often left up to the big players, who may allow the careful management of automated optimizations to go by the wayside. Our approach puts us on the front line to ensure that you have complete control and management of your data.

Continuous AI research and development

We are constantly searching for better solutions for our customers, studying their data and recommending actions that will bring added value to their businesses. That is why we are continuously conducting multiple research and development projects centered around AI: from predicting trends over time, to automated user clustering to generate audiences for retargeting, to natural language processing. These are only a few of the innovative solutions we’ve come up with in recent years.




We apply our expertise

The prediction of trends using time series prediction, the automatic clustering of user data to generate audiences for retargeting, natural language understanding to comprehend and analyze web content: These are just a few of the innovative solutions created by our Marketing Technology team in recent years, thanks to knowledge we first acquired and then put to the test.
This is how we come up with our tools, technologically advanced solutions to organize and manage all of the information that is part of your business, in accordance with your needs.
Put us to the test.


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