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Promoting SDA Bocconi Masters, courses and MBAs online, both on the national and international markets, as well as setting up a business support project with specific consulting plans for the company.

Improve the visibility of Masters, Courses and MBAs

Increase lead acquisition

Draw up strategic reports for the company

2020 saw the creation of new paradigms, including as concerns training, which have involved a revolution in terms of content and methods for accessing programs.

Marco La Torre, Channel Marketing Manager di SDA Bocconi


At the heart of the strategic advertising consultancy was the need to correlate users having specific profiles, objectives and ambitions with the programs proposed by the Management School most suited to their future, with the addition of specific emphasis on the international scope of the educational offering. With exactly this in mind, Webranking placed the engineering skills of the Martech area at the service of the targeting activity in the hands of the Digital Advertising area, allowing for a system of ever-more precise definition of potentially relevant audiences


La strategia di advertising ha richiesto una segmentazione precisa delle audience: solo se una lead rispetta caratteristiche di nazionalità, interesse ed esperienza professionale è conteggiata nel goal achievement status che analizza l’andamento e i risultati delle campagne.
Cost 2021 vs 2020 (Google Ads)
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