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Strengthen your online presence


Large scale distribution


SEO, Digital Analytics




Increase the popularity of ecommerce and showcase sites, improving the accessibility of the most relevant content and the browsing experience, with particular attention to technical optimization and loading times.

Improve understanding of online searches

Monitor actions that bring traffic to the store

Create a simple and intuitive site structure

The way search engines have evolved calls for increased investment in organic searching, which is why we have chosen a partner with a high level of expertise.

Lea Camerlingo, Customer Experience Manager di Iper La grande i


At the heart of the strategic consultancy for Iper La grande i is a desire to listen to the needs of users landing on ecommerce and showcase sites, improving their browsing experience, amongst other things. Using data visualization tools, the Digital Analytics team undertakes monitoring in real time of all the actions that bring traffic to individual stores and, more generally, the most relevant KPIs with local evidence. All with a view to meeting the need for setting up an indexing path at the store proximity level and intercepting the real needs of prospects.