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Focus on ecommerce and training




SEO, Digital Advertising




Together with a virtuous process that aims at the development of online visibility and performance, the consultancy is aimed at supporting the digitalization of the online communication and sales process, in response to the ever-greater convergence between commercial and marketing objectives in the digital transformation process.

Acceleration of the digitization process

Optimization of visibility and performance

Training on digital tools and processes

Digital acceleration is also an essential lever for B2B companies.


The Webranking SEO team, in synergy with the Toyota Material Handling Italia’s marketing team, developed a strategy to optimize and develop the online visibility of eCommerce and logistics training services. The Digital Advertising area, in parallel with the organic project, drew up a strategic plan to optimize performance in terms of Awareness and Consideration, making use of the most suitable channels for the business with messages and creativity declined according to the target audience. The consultancy also included a training development path on digital tools and processes, enriched by advanced and complete reporting systems, tailored to the needs of the company.