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Big Data

Processing large amountsof data

In the face of the mountain of information used in marketing to come up with increasingly comprehensive and bespoke solutions, total control over data and the ability to design extremely scalable architecture are necessary elements. The very definition of Big Data comes from its quantity and variety.

Our experience in this sphere is constantly evolving, enabling us to make use of the most state-of-the-art technologies used to process and rationalize this information.

On-demand solutions

We have experience with completely serverless architecture, which exploits the Cloud’s immediacy and scalability to make services and costs entirely on-demand.
Our systems based on Kubernetesan open-source system for container management—allow for total scalability, managing peak loads without losses and optimizing resources employed.


Real-time &Streaming Processing


We put ourselves to the test

We are constantly seeking the best solutions for our customers, from simple management to clear visualization, but what we want most of all is to solve problems.
We have thought of several ready-to-use applications that make use of Big Data and transformed them into technical tools capable of bolstering and automating numerous tasks while guaranteeing rigorous, top-quality service.


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