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Paid Social

Multichannel advertising presence

We execute planning on all of the major social networks—Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest—keeping constantly up to date on the latest innovations for creating the best media mix to boost brand awareness and performance based on the target of reference.

Thanks to our direct partnerships with the main social media platforms, we can guarantee training and access to the product features that are most strategically suited to your business objectives—even those in beta.

User-centered advertising

Our work begins with the identification and analysis of personas, which become the starting point for building audiences for media planning. Employing user signal data and user behavior data collection tools, we can build increasingly precise advertising strategies, reaching users in a one-to-one manner.



Access to beta versions

Art & Science: we always pair successful planning with quality content

New advertising formats for social media

We put our knowledge of art direction and content strategy at the service of social media advertising, to come up with ad creatives that work and perform well. Thanks also to Webranking’s new creative spin-off, Daimon, we are able to create marketing strategies designed directly for social networks, from Instagram to TikTok.

Partnerships and commendations

Thanks to the expertise we have gained in the field, we are specialized on every social platform. We have also received important commendations for projects we have handled that have become European success stories.


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