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Email marketing

Take care of your users

Email is a very powerful communication tool that allows you to strengthen your relationships with customers and with users interested in your brand. Using an email marketing strategy, you’ll be able to establish a more effective dialog with your audience: building loyalty in users who
have chosen you, by means of discounts and initiatives; re-engaging sleeping users with personalized messages; profiling to discover their interests and to recommend to them only relevant content.

Do you not have enough contacts? A lead generation strategy will make it possible for you to build a database of contacts interested in your products.

Marketing automation

The integration of CRM and email marketing platforms is one of the elements of success for any strategy focused on profiling and building loyalty, because it allows us to automate the sending of personalized messages, catching the user exactly when they need it most.
With your goals as a starting point, we guide you towards the automation strategy that best fits your business’s needs. We regulate the flows of automation and develop every aspect of them: layout, content and sending patterns—from a simple birthday email to the most structured workflow.

CRM and platform integration

Mapping out automation flows

Developing more structured workflows


What we do


A strategy designed for contact acquisition, providing for both site entry-point auditing and lead generation activities, whether organic or through advertising.


The creation of automated flows based on variables in CRM, on the interests expressed by users or on behavioral data.


Graphic restyling of templates, beginning with platform constraints; we have the capability to adapt to drag-and-drop modules or custom creations in HTML.


Testing is essential for achieving the best possible results. Once we have formulated our hypotheses, we will break down the variables to be tested, with a view to creating continuous optimization.


What information is contained in the database? Is the DB uniform? What segments can be created based on purchases or on behavior? Contact analysis allows you to answer these questions.


It is not enough to acquire contacts. They must also be maintained over time. An effective lead-nurturing strategy makes it possible to keep users actively engaged, preventing them from becoming sleepers.


We are flexible when it comes to working with the principal software on the market: Salesforce, Adobe, HubSpot, MailUp, Mailchimp and many more. We adapt to your needs and we help you to seek out the solution that is best for you.


New legal regulations and the GDPR are in constant evolution. We assist you in this sphere and provide contact management consulting.


Shaping Bold Experiences

Born of a solid foundation of technical thinking, Daimon transforms data into creativity and combines imagination with technical expertise. A new type of creative agency focused on dynamic formats and on creatives that are ideally suited for social media platforms.


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