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International SEO

Expertise beyond our borders

Since 1998, we have worked to grow and become the best Italian SEO agency, but our experience is not limited to within our own borders. As a matter of fact, most of the projects we handle are multilingual and multi-country, in highly competitive international contexts.
Our experience in the sector and our participation in global SEO events allow us to stay constantly up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices and to adapt our knowledge to the dynamics of the most commonly-used search engines, in and beyond the Italian and European contexts.

Beyond simple translations

SEO operations that involve managing multi-country contexts lie at the foundation of our partnerships with multiple customers who operate in international markets.
We do not limit ourselves to translating their content; rather, we analyze their markets of interest in order to understand the habits and customs of their users of reference.

Analyze your markets of reference and the needs of your international customers

Develop an international SEO strategy by localizing your site’s content

Expand your brand’s presence into new markets by making use of the most effective SEO tools

International markets

The principal markets for which our international SEO consulting services are requested are, primarily:

  • Europe (all countries and all main languages)
  • Russia (country that requires specific optimizations for Yandex)
  • North America (USA and Canada), Central America (Mexico), South America (Brazil, Argentina)
  • Asia (the UAE, South Korea, China, Japan, Southeast Asia)

What We Do

  • Keyword research that takes into account linguistic nuances and different search habits
  • Competitor market analysis using SERPs and user searches
  • Creation and localization of content tailored for the market of interest
  • Multi-country site management, taking into account user and crawler requirements
  • Monitoring specific locations over time

Innovation at the service of SEO

Thanks to the synergy between our Marketing Technology and Innovation departments, we have been able to design and develop several tools capable of strengthening, speeding up and automating our operation, ensuring that the services we provide are top quality.
Some of these are: Competitor Scouting, to monitor data from analyses of search engine results; a KPI Monitor, to automatically aggregate data from a variety of sources; and Trend Monitor, to monitor the search interests of your users at the global level.


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