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Search Intelligence

What Users Want

Understanding how users search for brands and their products lies at the foundation of our work. Using clustering based on customer journey, we identify specific market niches, measure their opportunity, analyze the competition and recognize new trends, in order to recommend the most relevant and helpful strategies for your business.

Know your audience

Search intelligence activities aim to help better understand the target and the digital context of your market of interest. These assessments are crucial for every company department—from marketing to product management—because they help us to understand your target, the language they use and how they search online, in order determine which topics can help you to be discovered through those searches.

Analyze how users search for your brand, products and services

Gain a better understanding of your target and of the digital competition landscape

Gain accurate insights to use in your brand’s marketing and communication

We will provide you with strategic insights

Thanks to these, you will be able to:

  • Structure your site, menu and categories based on what your customers are searching for
  • Create listing pages, product descriptions or blog sections based on the topics of greatest interest
  • Understand how people search for your brand and in conjunction with which search terms
  • Identify the most searched-for products and search trends over time
  • Create FAQs sections to respond to the most frequently asked questions

Search intelligence activities

  • Analysis of keywords, with corresponding volumes; analysis of topics and of the searches related to them
  • Analysis of search intentions, to understand the reasons underlying different user search queries and be able to provide more appropriate results
  • Analysis and monitoring of competitors, their backlink profiles and their SERP positions
  • Analysis of traffic, to learn which pages and searches bring more users to the site being audited

Innovation at the service of SEO

Thanks to the synergy between our Marketing Technology and Innovation departments, we have been able to design and develop several tools capable of strengthening, speeding up and automating our operation, ensuring that the services we provide are top quality.
Some of these are: Competitor Scouting, to monitor data from analyses of search engine results; a KPI Monitor, to automatically aggregate data from a variety of sources; and Trend Monitor, to monitor the search interests of your users at the global level.


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