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UX Research

The best solution for your target

User Research is an incredibly powerful tool for determining your targets’ true needs and understanding how they navigate the customer journey. Thanks to qualitative and quantitative analysis, we can acquire data and facts that allow us to design your site’s structure and recommend communication and digital marketing strategies that will help you to reach an ever wider audience.

Multiple resources for researching the Customer Journey

User Research uses a range of methods to determine how users navigate across different digital channels or vertically within a site. Starting with data from a variety of sources—Google Analytics, CRM, polls, surveys and direct field interviews—we create cross-channel navigational paths representative of your typical users.






Our way of working places the focus on the needs of the principal stakeholders, whom we involve directly in the project. Through participatory and interactive workshops, we prompt ideas and needs to emerge that we can use to construct the site. You will feel a part of the project at every stage, from the initial brainstorming session to completion of the final product.

To be sure,
ask your users

User Testing

This is a quintessential component of User Research: We take users who are typical of your target along probable navigational paths, with the aim of identifying gaps or strengths to emphasize if the site is redesigned.

  • Recruitment is included
  • Including for foreign targets
  • Live or remote
  • Possibility of observing the tests

User Behavior Monitoring

Heat maps, click maps, scroll maps and session recording: We analyze user navigation and behavior to determine which, if any, corrective steps to take or strengths to enhance.
From landing pages to advertising, from check-out to a product description, you can really increase your conversion rate by making some simple changes.


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