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Since 1947, the Miroglio Group has been a leader in women’s fashion: present in 22 countries with nine clothing brands, including Elena Mirò, Motivi, Oltre and Fiorella Rubino, its network now includes 5 e-commerce platforms and over 1,100 single-brand stores. One of the Group’s primary objectives is to work steadily towards intelligent integration between physical stores and online platforms in an omnichannel perspective, improving the customer experience within stores and on eCommerce.




Improving user experience


Purchase intent


Starting in 2020, Miroglio’s CRO project began with a first phase aiming to remove obstacles to online Conversion Rate, before eventually moving on to the next step, namely the real integration of the process within the company mindset.

The corporate mission of the Miroglio Group challenges all employees to get to know the customer in depth, disregarding appearances and casting aside prejudices, including when it comes to technology and eCommerce.
Starting from this commitment, in recent years, Miroglio’s digital team carried out a CRO process, that is, conversion rate optimisation, which has shifted the company’s balance and made their approach to digital more fluid.

Tests and Measurements

During their first three years of work, the teams defined and coordinated at least four A/B Tests and Customisations per month, moving on the four brands in parallel, in a project that involved Webranking agency and the professionals of Miroglio’s eCommerce team, working in synergy.

The project approach is data-driven: it is a process, in fact, that starts from data analysis, then considers new questions that, in turn, stimulate further ideas to be tested and prioritised in line with the company objectives. After this comes a process of development, testing and measurement that can be repeated and improved upon from time to time.

Customisation and business as usual

``Endeavouring to show the right thing to the right person, at the right time``; this is the underlying principle governing Miroglio's personalisation journey.
One of the focuses of the eCommerce personalisation tests was aimed at optimising communication at commercial events and the Miroglio loyalty programme: this is information already owned by the company, which has benefited greatly from its organisation and from the test and learn process.