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UX Copywriting

Copy to support the User Journey

Microcopy guides users throughout their journey and provides help, especially where navigation is at its most delicate (purchasing, filling out forms, etc).

To orient the user and remove any obstacle that would prevent them from completing an action, UX copywriting must comply with three precepts: simple language; transparency, in that it provides all necessary information; and empathy, in that it understands and anticipates the user’s state of mind when they are performing a particular action.

Microcopy differentiated for different situations

By balancing the tone of voice and simplifying the message, we construct guiding text for different actions and moments.
But where is the microcopy? It is in forms, calls-to-action and pop-ups, in the cart on your e-commerce site (even when it’s empty!), in filters, on product pages, in personal profiles… in other words, on every website page where the brand needs to communicate with the user.

e-commerce: checkout, product descriptions

Emails: transactional, automated

Leads: forms, calls-to-action


Simplify to add value

Simplifying the user journey increases conversions. Here, too, we begin with the target, with the objective of personalizing and simplifying the experience, maintaining a balance between images and copy. We immerse users in the content by enhancing their navigational experience.

Create simple and personalized storytelling and the user will come back to you

Build user loyalty

Choosing the right words and using them at the right time for the length of the purchasing funnel allows the target to have an overall positive navigational experience—precisely because they feel understood. This will build stronger loyalty towards your brand.


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