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Marketing Technology

Technology helps to make it possible

We use technology to provide you with new business opportunities, to connect different systems to each other, and to strengthen our services with tools and automation that improve and accelerate our work.

Today, an abundance of services and systems and the need to connect them make it indispensable not only to adopt technology, but also to have an in-depth understanding of stacks and of directing mechanisms.

From data to insights

Our team listens to your needs, understands your marketing requirements and figures out how to collect, model, move, analyze and dig up data that is useful for your business. Our Marketing Technology department, specialized in the development of projects with a significant technological component, works alongside our customers and in synergy with other consultants.

Dialog between different vendor systems

Collecting and understanding simplified data

Getting to know users through data engineering

The job of technology within digital marketing is to make things possible: to create new strategies and suggest innovative solutions.

Put your focus on innovation

Every day we experiment with new solutions related to advertising, SEO and analytics, often working in close contact with our partners to implement innovations and stay up-to-date on the technical changes that are occurring with ever greater frequency.
We create technological solutions to boost the quality of our services through automation and artificial intelligence.


We design scalable solutions

We take great care to come up with solutions that are long-lasting and reasonably priced, but also scalable. That is why we make sure we are certified in different technologies and why we do in-depth research into the tools on the market, so as to find possible synergies and integrations that do not necessarily require custom solutions.

Together with our partners

In terms of data maturity, our broad range of services, along with the breadth of the experience we have accrued working with the newest technologies, sets us apart and enables us to provide expert assistance to our customers on their journeys.


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