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The aim of Stroili’s omnichannel planning is to enhance the synergy between the network of physical stores and ecommerce, especially on special festivities throughout the year: Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Sales time and Mother’s Day.



Diversified mix
of Channel

After a year of challenges and successes, we are happy to continue our growth, in collaboration with Webranking, with the aim of exploring, testing and validating new strategies to maximise returns from digital marketing investments in an increasingly uncertain and dynamic market context.

Francesco Mura, Ecommerce Director of Stroili


Analysis of the customer journey for the jewellery sector revealed increasing online customer engagement prior to in-store purchase. Precisely in light of this dual nature of ecommerce, both as a sales channel and as a prelude to in-store purchases, our consultancy  focused on adopting a full-funnel approach and on a broad and diversified channel mix, one that took full advantage of the peculiarity of a rich product catalogue to reach the perfect audiences for the brand.

To fully understand an increasingly complex customer journey and optimise investments, the support of Webranking’s Marketing Technology branch, who took the lead in designing and implementing a customised dashboard, was fundamental. In addition to a strategic synergy with the advertising area, Stroili’s centralised overview of channels, investments and objectives made it possible to accurately pinpoint the most successful activities in order to focus where opportunities are greatest.