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Media Plan

A complete media center

Our advertising strategies are a perfect mix of performance and branding, centered around users and their needs.

Through an analysis of the target and the business data, we recommend the most suitable media mix—from search ads to programmatic marketing, from social media platforms to video ads—for achieving your objectives of visibility, active presence and revenue, and for establishing budget levels for each individual marketing vehicle, as well as a planning schedule.

Data-Driven Advertising

Our advertising strategies are a perfect mix of performance and branding, reaching the target audiences and communicating to them the value of your products and services. What’s more, we also aim to help you increase your traffic at points of sale using drive2store strategies.
In a context where users and markets are constantly evolving, we work to create data-driven advertising that takes into account each country’s cultural and social values.

Brand Awareness


Drive to store

We reach your audience
in a more powerful way

Well-structured multilingual and multi-country campaigns

We manage complex campaigns in many languages and many countries using a centralized approach and a single team, guaranteeing cooperation, synergy and an exchange of experiences. We provide planning the world over, working on Google, Yandex, Bing and Amazon, helping numerous “Made in Italy” brands, particularly in the luxury sector, to better manage their investments in order to yield greater results.

Our partnership

Thanks to the skills we’ve acquired in the field, we are partners with the players who lay down the rules of creativity and our consultants are specialized on every advertising platform. Thus are we able to help your company reach the goals it has set for itself, using different marketing vehicles synergistically and maximizing your budget.


Shaping Bold Experiences

We know well that creativity is an essential element of your campaigns’ performance, which is why we have a business unit entirely devoted to designing creatives conceived especially for social media, with a focus on dynamic formats.

Daimon is our creative agency, born and raised digital.


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