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Tag Management

A dedicated team at your disposal

The tracking of site information is increasingly bound up with technology.
That is why we decided to dedicate an entire technical team to researching which platforms best fit your needs and following you step by step along your path to launch. We handle the configuration of your chosen Tag Manager, its maintenance and the implementation of analytics tags and advertising pixels. Through in-depth analysis, we help you to resolve conflicts in high-complexity contexts and to manage migrations
in a transparent manner.

Advertising that is rapid and reliable

We have researched and perfected a simple and rapid method for communicating with media agencies and immediately finding the information needed to develop advertising pixels, even when there are customized codes involved. What’s more, we guarantee management that is secure and compliant with the laws in force.




Our spirit combines the digital and the technological to offer you state-of-the-art technical support

A solution to fit your needs

Using tag managers, we can build custom solutions into your site, interfacing directly with the IT team. We can also manage large volumes of data using BigQuery and Cloud tools.Some of the most frequently used tools include:

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Adobe Launch
  • Tealium
  • Commanders Act

Data Kojak, the automatic tracking software

Thanks to our Marketing Technology department, we have succeeded in developing a proprietary software to automatically check tracking: Data Kojak. With this tool, you will always be in control of your tracking, collecting secure, reliable information that remains constant over time, on which you can base data-driven business strategies.


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