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The 2021 Christmas campaign


Lighting, online shopping


Digital Advertising, Content Marketing, Art Direction




Construction of a new brand identity that reflects the two themes of the brand, the emotional one and the professional, innovative one. At the same time, another goal was to promote the Christmas offers in its catalogue through an awareness campaign.


Christmas Campaign Creative Direction

Social adv campaign planning

Luminal Park in collaboration with Daimon in the 2021
Christmas campaign


Daimon Agency collected ideas and opinions through a co-design workshop specifically designed to involve the customer in the new brand definition, with the aim of maintaining the two original themes: emotion and innovation. With the insights received, the creative team prepared the Christmas awareness video to accompany the user in the transition from old to new brand identity, explaining the essence of the brand. Specifically, the Daimon team selected the concept, storyboard and mood board for the video and then chose the props, the main actor and the music, as well as the final editing.

Webranking, for its part, handled the planning of the social advertising campaign, adapting the video made by Daimon for different targets and objectives, including for a B2b audience through dedicated editing cuts and copy.