2018 CSR Report

Our committment and responsibility towards the environment, the society and the world around us


Our commitment to the future

In 2018, Webranking turned twenty. To mark the occasion, we decided to describe how we perceive and live up to our responsibilities to the people who are with us on this journey of business and of work, to our local area, to our society, and to the environment around us. That is how we came to tell the tale of our commitment through a Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Vision of Equality

At Webranking we support gender and wage equality: 42% of our employees are women, and that percentage is even higher if we look at the company management. We have participated in #STEMintheCity, Accessibility Days—to raise awareness among those working in the digital technology sector about topics such as accessibility and inclusion—and in the CSR Diversity Management Lab.

Leadership for the future

We devote 10% of our working time to training, so as to foster professional growth and the sharing of experiences. We also participate in sector events around the world, in order to ensure we stay up-to-date on digital marketing topics. We also organize training and coaching programs to support leadership.

Organizational well-being

For the second year in a row, we have been named a Great Place to Work, among the top 10 workplaces with less than 150 employees in Italy. We have introduced smart working and flextime, which not only make it easier to better manage work-life balance, but also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. In 2018, we participated in the city of Milan’s Week of Agile Working (another term for smart working).


We have replaced the Christmas gifts we traditionally gave to our customers with donations to three different non-profit organizations selected by our staff—the Italian Foundation for Cancer Research (AIRC), the WWF and Doctors Without Borders (MSF)—operating in the environmental and social spheres. Everyone participated voluntarily in the collection of donations and the company multiplied the final amount by 5.


We periodically organize an internal auction for the purchase of company telephones and computers and other office items that are still in good condition. In 2018, we donated the profits to Reggio Terzo Mondo, a non-profit which, thanks to our help, has sponsored the rebuilding of a school in Madagascar, and to the Associazione Don Bosco, to support its operations in Mato Grosso.


We served as judges for the Social & Solidarity Economy Hackathon for the creation of the open source app iGruppi, developed to manage and optimize purchasing for G.A.S. (collective ethical purchasing groups). The event was part of the aftER – Digital Futures Festival, sponsored by the Region and Municipality of Reggio Emilia.


For several years, we have continued our ongoing support for the theater season at the Asioli Theater in Correggio. We offer our employees and their companions the chance to attend performances with a 50% discount on ticket prices.


In our Milan and Reggio Emilia offices, there are two works by Fabio Giampietro, from his series, “Hyper Planes of Simultaneity.” They can be navigated using an Oculus visor, allowing our employees and visitors to ‘step inside’ the work, reconstructed by the artist in virtual reality.


Our contribution

Investments in research and development

We invest in research and development projects to explore the constant flow of new emerging technologies and enable our customers to take advantage of new business opportunities by harnessing innovation. In 2018, we invested over 100 thousand euros in automation, big data and management projects.

Digital Marketing University

We are founders and partners in the new graduate degree course in digital marketing that is due to be launched in Reggio Emilia. The course, sponsored by 13 companies in the region, aims to focus directly on the skills needed in today’s labor market. We also serve as professors for the master’s degree programs at Unicatt (Università Cattolica), UniMoRe (the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia) and BBS.

Certifications and awards

The commitment and passion that we put into our work are repaid in successes, and these drive us to constantly improve ourselves. In 2018, the Financial Times and Inc. 5000 named us as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe, while CRIBIS awarded us its prime commercial reliability rating.


One small change can have a huge impact on the whole planet

An eco-sustainable workplace

Our HQ is class A, with its energy efficiency certified by CasaClima. It is equipped with a solar power system that records peaks of 11% of generated energy in the summertime, as well as with an automated lighting system that helps to reduce energy inefficiency.

Reducing single-use plastics

We aim to introduce reusable cups and bottles for all of our employees, so as to achieve our goal of reducing single-use plastics by 2019, a feat already accomplished in our Milan office, where we use glass cups and bottles for filtered water.


We believe in the area we live in, so we have chosen to build our fourth location in the heart of Reggio Emilia, at the center of what was, 50 years ago, a premier manufacturing hub and today is becoming a center of reference for innovation.

Meeting these challenges in the digital age is, in our view, an even greater responsibility: We are a part of the change; we belong to the future of this revolution and see it as our duty to make the world a better place through concrete and sustainable actions.

Meeting these challenges in the digital age is, in our view, an even greater responsibility: We are a part of the change; we belong to the future of this revolution and see it as our duty to make the world a better place through concrete and sustainable actions.

Nereo Sciutto