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Webranking’s role

The title of “Sales Partner” is based on our experience and on the certifications we have attained over the years; today we are one of the media agencies with the highest degrees of expertise at the international level.

We have been chosen by Google as an independent partner to sell and install and to provide training in all Google Marketing Platform products, and as a Media Agency that is able to use GMP products to their best advantage for planning.

We are also the ideal partner if you want to handle certain things internally: We teach teams how to move their ad planning and buying in-house.


Data ownership and transparency

If data has an economic value, you must bring that data into your company. Platform ownership allows you, for example, not to lose anything if you switch agencies. Instead, you will have your historic data at your disposal to start producing results right away.

The transparency of this option is total: no more doubts about the actual CPM you are paying. You will know how much technology costs, how much is going to the publisher, and therefore also what you’re paying the agency. You have the control, and you keep it going forward.

Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner

We sell, install and provide training for the products in the stack

Support for managing your campaigns in-house


Choose from one of two modes

With “Self-Service” mode, you manage your own campaigns in-house

You can manage your own ad campaigns—display and/or search—in-house. Webranking supplies the technology, takes care of the set-up, helps to train your team and provides on-demand support. Your data is yours, as is the ownership of your platforms.

The platforms and the data are yours, the agency is Webranking

By choosing this option, you acquire ownership of the platforms and all of the data you collect. The media agency—Webranking or whomever else you may choose in future—accesses your platforms for planning and reporting purposes. You hold the keys, always.

We are also Cloud 4 Marketing

We are also Google Cloud stack certified. The synergy between the two platforms provides numerous opportunities for marketers: from studying and predicting users’ behavior to the chance to offer them tailored experiences.

Google Creative Partner

We are also Google Creative Partner, it means that we are certified as dynamic creativity programmers, that is personalized advertising based on interests, times of the day and information from the outside world (weather, real-time results, etc.)


Why choose the Google Marketing Platform?

The Google Marketing Platform offers advanced solutions and a complete set of options for advertising and data analysis.The products that comprise the suite are:

Display & Video 360 is the GMP Demand-Side Platform, offering a centralized approach to managing advertising investments.

Campaign Manager simplifies the organization of ad campaigns, from planning to final reports.

With Search Ads 360, you can manage multiple digital campaigns on one platform, with complete purchasing, reporting and multi-channel attribution functions.

Data Studio is the data visualization and reporting tool that integrates with other products on the platform and other non-Google data sources.

Analytics 360 allows you to analyze and make sense of users’ online behavior using just one interface that features a collection of continuously-updated data.

Tag Manager allows you to easily implement tracking codes and measure conversions without having to rely on the IT team.

Optimize 360 allows you to offer customized experiences to different groups of users to see which version performs best.

Studio allows you to design advanced types of creatives, such as rich media and dynamic creatives. The fact that it is directly linked with Campaign Manager makes it simpler to synchronize campaigns.

The possibilities the stack offers

We decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that we, as a certified Sales Partner, hear from our customers every day about the Google Tech Stack, which offers a complete set of marketing and data analytics solutions.

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